MIBFN 310 Connect: About the Project

Our strategic partners for all 310 Connect intiatives are the Michigan WIC Division and Coffective.


•  We encourage all maternity care organizations to refer ALL mothers to the WIC program for breastfeeding support services.

•  We encourage all breastfeeding stakeholders to use the Coffective Training and Tools, especially the free resources.

The MIBFN 310 Connect portfolio of projects all aim to increase implementation of evidence-based maternity care practices that promote breastfeeding initiation and exclusively at the hospital, and successful breastfeeding upon discharge.

As the backbone of this Collective Impact work, MIBFN works with local coalitions and organizations to align their messaging, measure their processes and outcomes, and stay in constant communication to increase their success.

These projects all align with the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative’s 10-Steps to Baby Friendly. MIBFN, as the state coalition, can positively impact efforts toward achieving steps 3 and 10. Even if a local hospital isn’t going to seek “Baby Friendly” designation, the 10 steps are evidence-based practice and can be implemented in any community!