Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the Michigan Breastfeeding Network (MIBFN) is to optimize state and community support of breastfeeding by leading collaborative actions for advocacy, education and coalition building.

Our Vision Statement:  

MIBFN envisions that state and local communities recognize breastfeeding and human milk as the norm for infant and young child feeding, and all families will live, work, and receive support in a breastfeeding-friendly culture.

Our Values Statement:  

  1. Breastfeeding is a health, social, ecologic, and economic benefit for our state. The act of breastfeeding promotes healthy development of both the mother and child and encourages a strong emotional bond between them.  

  2. Every mother has the right to breastfeed or provide human milk to her child with full support from her family and community, free from discrimination.

  3. Human milk is the gold standard of optimal nutrition for infants and young children.  Babies who are unable to directly breastfeed should have the option of receiving human milk.

  4. Families have the right to make informed choices regarding their infants’ feeding and the right to receive evidence-based lactation support services as an essential component of health care.

  5. We value the diversity of families in Michigan, and we believe they have the right to receive culturally sensitive lactation education and support.

  6. We support the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes, which provides guidelines for the appropriate marketing and distribution of infant formula and bottle-feeding products.

  7. Strong and active local/regional breastfeeding coalitions are a crucial resource to build community support for breastfeeding and to promote breastfeeding education throughout the state.

  8. We value strong partnerships and collaborations with our stakeholders to reach goals consistent with our mission.

  9. We strive to make MIBFN a communicative, engaging, and respectful organization, with a diverse and inclusive membership.