Woman denied right to nurse in public, CABC organizes nurse-in at Ingham County Friend of the Court

May 7, 2015 – Lansing, MI – The Capital Area Breastfeeding Coalition (CABC) is supporting a nurse-in 2:00 pm today at the Ingham County Friend of the Court after a Lansing mother was recently denied her right to breastfeed in court.

The Michigan Breastfeeding Network support the nurse-in, which aims to bring attention to the discrepancy between what Michigan law says and the training and attitudes stewards of the law currently practice.

Under the Breastfeeding Antidiscrimination Act, signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder in June 2014, women have the right to nurse a child in any “place of public accommodation,” including Friend of the Court facilities.

The new legislation prevents owners and operators from denying goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages or accommodations to a woman because she is breastfeeding. They also cannot publish any form of notice which prohibits public nursing or indicates a breastfeeding woman’s presence is unwelcome.

Ingham County previously defended this right in adopting a Resolution in Support of Breastfeeding in County Buildings and Property in 2013. The resolution recognizes the benefits and importance of breastfeeding and protects a mother’s right to nurse publicly throughout Ingham County buildings and property.

The Michigan Breastfeeding Network, along with local coalitions like the Capital Area Breastfeeding Coalition, want to bridge the law and its practice by supporting women’s rights to breastfeeding in public. Efforts like a nurse-in help normalize breastfeeding and encourage a breastfeeding-friendly culture in Michigan.


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