The incoming MIBFN Executive Committee is dedicated to setting a clear and bold vision for the future of MIBFN as the organization enters a new chapter of statewide advocacy, education, and coalition building. Please join us in welcoming the new Executive Committee of the MIBFN Board of Directors – Chair Gayle Shipp, Secretary Ambyr Amen-Ra, and Treasurer Jennifer Baragrey.

– Paula K. Schreck, Julie Lothamer and Lisa Sommer King (MIBFN Outgoing Executive Officers)

Gayle Shipp, MS, CLS – 2019-2021 MIBFN Chair:

 “I decided to take on this new role because, I understand the prominence of MIBFN and the communities/families that we serve. With that in mind, I want to help in affirming the priorities of the organization to continue the advancement of our mission. What excites me most about this new role is having the opportunity to learn and collaborate with each of the new board members. All of them have so many great strengths they bring to the network! Being able to build trusting, strong, and long-lasting relationships with each of them will be great for us all to do our work on the board together. In this new role, I hope to help our board achieve tasks that we have been charged to do all while continually being sure we are building trusting, transparent, and strong relationships across board and staff for ongoing partnership and collaboration internally and externally. While serving within this role, I mostly look forward to the opportunity to work with a diverse and experienced group of women and men!  Having the opportunity to work with all of them will help me in my continued journey of learning and growing both personally and professionally.” 

Ambyr Amen-Ra, MA – 2019-2021 MIBFN Secretary:

 “Board secretaries have an immense responsibility to keep track of a lot of important organization-wide information. I decided to take on this new role because I spend a lot of my time in my personal and professional life staying organized and efficient, so It is fitting that my volunteer role also makes me accountable for keeping track of the decisions and action items of the group. I know that others in our organization will look to me when important decisions have been made in meetings or pertaining to the bylaws of our organization . It’s a lot of responsibility, but it’s important, so I embrace it. I hope to be part of an evolving organization and I’m glad to play such an important part. I am looking forward to learning as much as I can about the MIBFN of the past to inform the MIBFN of the future.”

Jennifer Baragrey, IBCLC – 2019-2021 MIBFN Treasurer

 “I am excited to take on the role of treasurer for our organization. Being able to track and report on the growth of an organization that has the potential to greatly impact the families and future of Michigan is quite an honor. My hope is that I am challenged in this role to gain new skills while serving the organization with confidence and integrity.”