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Why 310 Connect Calhoun County?

MIBFN 310 Connect projects are structured around state and local collaboration on the issues most central to breastfeeding success in each community. Integral to all 310 Connect projects are: local coalition cultivating infrastructure and sustainability, establishing consistency of messaging across partners, integrating process and outcome evaluations, and building and diversifying community networks of systemic breastfeeding support. In partnership with MIBFN, 310 Connect, local coalitions determine the issues they endeavor to address, and implement tangible, locally driven solutions. 
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In partnership with the Breastfeeding Coalition of Calhoun County (BFCCC), MIBFN 310 Connect Calhoun County has been active since early 2017. This project aims to improve several key systems that impact breastfeeding success, including maternity care, workplace and childcare, and community normalization. The Regional Health Alliance serves as a key local implementation partner. Together with the BFCCC, MIBFN is working to increase breastfeeding initiation, exclusivity, and duration rates as well as changes in related health outcomes such as infant mortality and SIDS rates.
This project is made possible through the generous support of The WK Kellogg Foundation; the United Way of Battle Creek and Kalamazoo Region supported previous componentsView all of our 310 Connect Calhoun County partners here.

Get to know how MIBFN is taking a 360-degree approach in Calhoun County by clicking the links below and view our infographic here.

MIBFN envisions a maternity landscape that prioritizes breastfeeding and establishes systemic infrastructure to support equitable outcomes. Here’s how Calhoun County is making an impact.

  • Hospital Grand Rounds: Coordinate Grand Rounds at Oaklawn as an opportunity to provide administrative support and technical assistance by local Medical Director of Breastfeeding Support Services at Ascension St. John Dr. Paula Schreck, whom has guided several systems through the Baby-Friendly designation process
  • QI JumpStart to Baby Friendly Collaborative: Provide Oaklawn Hospital and Bronson Battle Creek Hospital the opportunity to participate in QI JumpStart to Baby Friendly Hospital Collaborative, free of charge to their organizations
  • Custom Maternity Care Training & Tools: Leverage partnerships to incorporate consistency in Maternity Care Campaign messaging, saturating partner organizations with Coffective Training & Tools
  • Outpatient Medical Provider Engagement & Tools: Engage Outpatient Medical Providers in coordinated Maternity Care Campaign, using Coffective Training & Tools and Michigan Breastfeeding Friendly Medical Provider Awards as an effective solution to engage and create buy-in, while empowering and providing strategic guidance, education and support

Learn more about MIBFN’s Maternity Care campaign here.

When companies support breastfeeding, businesses gain a three-to-one return on investment in addition to greater employee retention, lower absenteeism, and a more creative and productive work environment. Here’s how Calhoun County is making an impact.  

  • Workplace Campaign Training & Tools: Engage key employers in the community using the Workplace Lactation Support Campaign Tools
  • Michigan Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Awards: Present 15 Michigan Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Awards

Learn more about MIBFN’s Workplace campaign here.

MIBFN envisions a Michigan that recognizes breastfeeding and human milk as the optimal method of feeding for infants and children, works to normalize breastfeeding, and supports and encourages public breastfeeding in all its forms. Here’s how Calhoun County is making an impact.   

  • Anytime Anywhere Campaign Training & Tools: Engage key businesses in the community using the Breastfeed: Anytime-Anywhere Campaign Tools
  • Business Engagement & Tools: Businesses demonstrate their commitment to normalizing breastfeeding on cue by hanging 25 Breastfeed: Anytime-Anywhere clings, and gathering 25 Breastfeed: Anytime-Anywhere Pledge Signatures
  • Calhoun County Big Latch On: Host Calhoun County Big Latch On as an opportunity to attain community-wide normalization and collaboration among partners 

Learn more about MIBFN’s Anytime, Anywhere campaign here.

Supporting breastfeeding not only helps to market child care centers to families but also promotes communities as breastfeeding-friendly places. Breastfeeding support benefits providers, families, and the communities in which they reside. Here’s how Calhoun County is making an impact.  

  • Pilot Child Care Training & Tools: Engage 6 key Early Care and Education Providers in coordinated Child Care Campaign
  • Shared Services Alliance Engagement & Tools: Develop and implement Early Care and Education training modules around key components of the breastfeeding support in early care and education settings (CACFP guidelines, safe handling, breastmilk storage, etc.)

Learn more about MIBFN’s Child Care campaign here.

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