Date: January 2019

Speakers: Kathy Szenda Wilson and Maria Ortiz Borden

Description: Effective, Sustainable Change: When people come together across organizations, sectors and (at times) issues, attention and intention must be paid in order to create effective, sustainable change. From the outside, it might appear as though successful groups just got lucky – with the right timing, chemistry and leadership. But the truth is there are 6 factors that must be present in order for sustainable, effective change to happen successfully. Join Maria Borden & Kathy Szenda Wilson as they walk you through a process to diagnose what elements might need attention in your coalition to bring about the change you desire.

A systems approach: Maria & Kathy will provide an overview of how to ensure your efforts are focused on systems (and not individuals) to ensure greater impact. This includes exploring the use of disaggregated data (that is rooted in multiple perspectives) to inform decision making to ensure an equitable approach and outcomes.

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