MIBFN makes end-of-year gift giving quick and easy plus it gives you a chance to support breastfeeding, which has a positive impact on all families throughout our state. The MIBFN Zazzle Store has many items available for holiday gift giving and proceeds from every sale benefit breastfeeding advocacy efforts in Michigan. The MIBFN collection of breastfeeding gifts is fun, timely, and enlightened, and your purchase helps to advance efforts for a breastfeeding-supportive culture throughout our state.

Find everything on your holiday wish list: the Zazzle store has breastfeeding T-shirts, sweatshirts, and onesies in a full range of colors and sizes. Also check out our new mom/baby shower collection and breastfeeding advocate collection, which make gift-giving even easier because items are already packaged for you! We also have practical items such as breastfeeding stickers, magnets, and posters in multiple languages. These unique products will inspire you to support breastfeeding.

We work better when we work together! Join the movement and check out all of the breastfeeding products available at https://www.zazzle.com/mibfn_store.