Our Mission, Vision, and Aims

Our Mission:

To lead the statewide collaborative actions for advocacy, education and coalition building to create a supportive breastfeeding culture.

Our Vision:

All Michigan families will live and work in a breastfeeding-friendly environment.

Our Aims:


  • We aim to change systems, not mothers.
  • We aim to serve alongside leaders and community advocates within systems, as a partner for breastfeeding-specific solutions.
  • We aim to advance breastfeeding-supportive administrative and legislative policies.
  • We aim to increase the visibility of policy makers who adopt breastfeeding-supportive policies.


  • We aim to make breastfeeding education accessible and inclusive to encourage the broad base of community leaders who endeavor to become breastfeeding supporters.
  • We aim to align with ongoing efforts that focus on issues of equity within breastfeeding education.
  • We aim to promote culturally relevant breastfeeding research from diverse viewpoints.
  • We aim to provide relevant and timely education on how to work toward eliminating the systemic and structural barriers that prevent breastfeeding success.
  • We aim to connect breastfeeding educational opportunities with access to equitable, sustainable financial compensation for those who provide breastfeeding support.

Coalition Building

  • We aim to cultivate and support breastfeeding coalitions in every Michigan community – including tribal, ethnic, geographic, and cultural communities.
  • We aim to ensure that coalition members reflect the communities they serve.
  • We aim to support coalition work that cultivates mother-centered systems.
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