Michigan Breastfeeding Network (MIBFN) introduces its Blueprint for Breastfeeding Coalition Building. The Blueprint intends to create transparency around MIBFN’s efforts to serve as a leader in breastfeeding coalition building throughout our state. This document outlines the ways in which MIBFN has chosen to collaborate with community partners to advance breastfeeding outcomes. Breastfeeding systems change is necessary in order to advance public health outcomes and create a society in which breastfeeding is fully supported by policy and not just intention. Change at this level depends on the voices of all those who are impacted, including advocates, families, parents, lactation professionals, and community members. To that end:

1. MIBFN aims to cultivate and support breastfeeding coalitions in every Michigan community – including tribal, ethnic, geographic, and cultural communities.

2. MIBFN aims to ensure that local coalition members reflect the communities they serve.

3. MIBFN aims to support coalition work that cultivates mother-centered systems.

In addition to the Blueprint, MIBFN currently offers the following support for new and existing breastfeeding coalitions: MIBFN 310 Connect Projects; free Coalition Sustainability Templates; online support through the MIBFN Social Sharing Center; and fundraising opportunities. To reach a wider audience, coalition sustainability tools are available in Arabic, Burmese, English, Japanese, and Spanish. To learn more, visit www.mibreastfeeding.org/coalition-building.