Great Lakes Breastfeeding Webinar – Breastfeeding and Racial Equity

Presenter: Kenyetta Jackson, MPHDescription: Given the continued disparities in breastfeeding rates for Black and Indigenous families, this presentation will provide a historical overview of breastfeeding as a racial equity issue. Black and Indigenous families face the largest social barriers and experience the greatest health disparities when it comes to breastfeeding. Inequities result in policies, practices, and social norms that influence a person’s individual choices about breastfeeding and affect long-term health outcomes. These structural barriers exist during pregnancy, at the hospital,…

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Great Lakes Breastfeeding Webinar: Using Your Power & Privilege

Date: December 2018 Speaker: Jennifer Day, IBCLC Description: Repression, oppression and systemic barriers prevent professionals and community from accessing equitable standards of care and opportunities, which contributes to the cycle of poverty. Jennifer Day, IBCLC will provide tangible solutions and practical applications to identify and address the effective uses of Power & Privilege to initiate positive change. View recap of the webinar.

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Great Lakes Breastfeeding Webinar: Improving Breastfeeding Rates & Addressing Equity Through Public Policy

Date: July 2017 Speaker: Tina Sherman Description: MomsRising will give an overview of the history of policies at the federal and state levels, like paid family and medical leave and workplace accommodations. We will highlight studies that show the positive impact that these policies have on breastfeeding and health outcomes for mothers and babies, particularly in communities of color. We will identify key stakeholders and discuss the best ways to engage them. By the end of the presentation, participants will…

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