great lakes breastfeeding webinar

Counseling 101: Fundamentals of Breastfeeding Promotion, Protection and Support Across Disciplines

Presenter: Sekeita Lewis-Johnson, DNP, RN, IBCLCDescription: Research supports the need for changes in health care practices related to breastfeeding care practices. Improving parental breastfeeding self-efficacy and prenatal education are targeted interventions aimed to improve breastfeeding success; but what happens when healthcare providers lack the necessary skills to support breastfeeding? Lack of support from health care providers is a common complaint voiced by breastfeeding families. This webinar will explore clinical and communication barriers to breastfeeding support and provide fundamental breastfeeding counseling…

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Great Lakes Breastfeeding Webinar – Ethics, Online Messaging, and Pressure to Breastfeed

Presenter: Anjanette Davenport Hatter, MSW, LMSWDescription: Using an equity lens, this webinar will provide an overview of social media, discuss social media images and why representation matters. We will address the pressures of social media on breastfeeding, identify ways women can realistically sustain breastfeeding and ways to debunk myths about selfless motherhood. View recap of the webinar.

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