Hospitals are an integral partner in consistent, evidence-based breastfeeding messages for families within the maternity care setting. Coffective is conducting coaching calls with hospitals throughout the state of Michigan. The purpose of the hospital coaching calls is to learn about successes and challenges, provide sustainable guidance and technical assistance for quality improvement related to breastfeeding, and encourage collaborative activities with WIC such as joint task force meetings, regular touch-bases, and sharing of resources.

If you have a partnership with your local hospital, please reach out to them and encourage them to take part in a call with Coffective.  If you do not have a partnership with your local hospital, reaching out may be a great first step in developing a relationship with them. As part of the WIC Statewide Initiative, a partnership among Michigan WIC, Coffective, and Michigan Breastfeeding Network, Michigan birthing hospitals gain free access to the Coffective Foundational Set of Tools.

This comprehensive set of tools is designed to help fill gaps in breastfeeding support within the maternity-care setting and and to help hospitals and breastfeeding families reach their goals. The Foundational Set of Tools is especially useful for hospitals interested in improving breastfeeding rates and advancing health outcomes. The tools provide tangible solutions to motivate, train, implement, and measure quality improvement within the maternity care setting. Hospitals that participate in the initiative may choose to schedule a Coffective coaching session, which consists of three 1-hour coaching sessions; schedule a shorter call with a Coffective coach to review the Foundational Suite of Tools; or review the tools on their own.


  • Schedule a Coffective Coaching session. Engage with a Coffective Coach for a series of three 1-hour coaching calls. Follow THIS LINK to schedule a one-hour call.
  • Choose a shorter call with a Coffective Coach to review the Foundational Suite of Tools and get an idea how the tools can specifically help you. Follow THIS LINK to schedule, and choose the to schedule a 15-30 minute call.
  • Review the tools on your own. Already doing the 3 coaching calls with us? Not quite ready to commit to a phone meeting? Use the attached Executive Summary to review the complete set of tools and access them all here.