Why Workplace?

Within the workforce, women are vital contributors to a company’s success, providing keen perspective and driving economic vitality. When companies support breastfeeding, businesses gain a three-to-one return on investment in addition to greater employee retention, lower absenteeism, and a more creative and productive work environment.

Get to Know the Campaign

We encourage you to work with your employer, prenatally, to discuss a plan for expressing milk. Employers should have a written policy and discuss it with their employees when they discuss maternity leave. If you think an employer is not in compliance, educate yourself before you take action!

  • Fact Sheet 73 is an overview of the law, requirements, and how to file a complaint
  • Fact Sheet 17a helps you to determine if you are an exempt or non-exempt employee
  • Fact Sheet 77a explains how employers cannot retaliate against employees who file a complaint

In support of the breastfeeding success of working mothers, we advocate for the following:

  1. Employers should provide comprehensive workplace breastfeeding protection for all employees regardless of legal status and employment classification.
  2. Employers should provide flexible, comprehensive time solutions for all employees regardless of legal status and employment classification.
  3. Regardless of work environment, space solutions should be provided for all employees.
  4. Whenever feasible, access to baby for direct breastfeeding in the workplace should be the standard for employees.
  5. Comprehensive paid family leave legislation should be adopted at the national level.

To view the full policy position, download the position paper here.

We need your help! Please share your stories and experiences to help us to catalyze a race to the top amongst breastfeeding-friendly employers throughout Michigan.

  • Have you supported a breastfeeding employee as she was returning or after she returned to work?
  • Does your employer go above and beyond to provide accommodations for breastfeeding employees when they return to work?
  • Are you an employer or HR manager that serves as a champion and advocate for breastfeeding employees?
  • Have you done something innovative to support breastfeeding in the workplace?

Click here to share your story.

Interested in joining the movement?

Does your employer provide time and space for breastfeeding employees in compliance with the Break Time for Nursing Mothers law?

MIBFN is working to catalyze a “race to the top” among Michigan employers to celebrate businesses that go above and beyond the law’s requirements to support working families.

  • There are three award levels (Bronze: 1-5 points, Silver: 6-10 points, Gold 11+ points and complete the DHEW)
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis
  • Awards are good for 1 calendar year

Nominate your employer for a Workplace Award with our online application or print and fill out our paper application!

View and congratulate Workplace Award recipients!

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